Madmans Esprit - 叫號 (Kyuho) Patreon opened

叫號 (Kyuho) opened his official Patreon page with the following message:

"After long hesitation and thoughts I've decided to make a Patreon page to support my music.
I've reached a point where my life is no longer sustainable with this workload. Please keep me alive.
I am not going to have different tiers, if you like what I'm doing and if you want me to concentrate better with my work, please support me with any amount that doesn't harm your own life.
I can't promise any regular contents but I already uploaded an unreleased demo track and every time I have something to share I will surely provide it.
Also please feel free to tell me what you want to see there.
For those who can't support me this way, I still thank you and they will be absolutely no discrimination, any finished work will be available to everyone as always.
Thank you."